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JAS Interior Design San Jose project featuring acorn custom uphostered chair and wooden antique furniture


Silicon Valley  |  San Francisco  |  Monterey Peninsula  |  East Bay

No matter what service we provide you with, we will always give you new creative ideas. After all, isn't that why you'd want to hire us? We’re creative out-of-the box thinkers who love a good challenge. We strive to always remain curious, listen intently to solve your home's complex problems. We treat your home as if it was our own and understand that it is NEVER our design-- but yours. Our goal is simple: Transform your home into a perfect sanctuary of peace- no matter what service you hired us for.

Full of Bright Ideas

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

As a Boston Italian, I grew up in a busy working kitchen with my mom, grandmother and aunts making home-made everything. I truly understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it is my passion to make your kitchen design flawless.


 At JAS Interior Designs we offer comprehensive top-level services including full working drawings - floor plans, layouts, elevations and electrical plans so your dream kitchen can be flawlessly executed while remaining true to your project’s original concept. To ensure timelines and budgets are kept in check, our team engages in the procurement and supply chain process. We work closely with your contractor to provide project management support. Take a gander at my recent case study for examples of my work.



Window Treatments + Upholstery

Window treatments are a spectacular way to add personality in your home. At JAS Interior Designs, we hand select our fabrics to provide unique and stunning custom window treatments and upholsteries in a variety of budgets.


We love the interplay of color and texture and will work with you to find just the right fabric to reflect the personality of your room. Have a special heirloom piece? Giving them them a second (or third) life is one of my favorite projects. We will provide measurements, drawings, product specifications, procurement as well as project management during the various design phases. We've established strong and trusting relationships with local workrooms and installers ensuring your finished design is elevated to a higher level.


Color Consultations- Exterior & Interiors

Let's face it, most novices believe choosing color is easy--until they've actually tried it!  We have a profound respect for color, and we understand the inherent challenges in color which inevitably lead to frustration, costly mistakes, and multiple trips to the paint store. Sun orientation, color undertones, reflectance, personal preference - and yes, perhaps a little intuition, all play critical roles.


Having studied with Maria Killam in Vancouver, Canada in 2014, Janine is a certified True Colour Expert. It is a proven effective system based on color theory and utilizes a practical approach in understanding undertones. Our studio strives for timeless designs combined with unparalleled guidance, so it's fun -- not overwhelming. Color has the ability to stretch your design budget if done systematically and has a tremendous psychological effect on how we feel. Are you ready to get started? 


Whole Home & Single Room Design

No matter the size of your project or needs, our two goals are the same: To provide a high level of value to you, and to create a harmonious cohesive design throughout your home.


We will work closely with your chosen architect or contractor utilizing a proven process- the 5 Step NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) Design Phases which include:


Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documents and Contract Administration.


Learn more about our process below.



Spatial Planning

Spatial planning considerations includes: Understanding how rooms flow from one to the other, where furniture should be grouped according to your family's activities, and where you walk throughout your home.

Beginning with Programming, our team develops an in-depth analysis of how your space is to be used. Subsequently, we create plans and scaled drawings defining the space in zones, circulation patterns, and identify the activities which will ensue. Movement in a space creates safety, efficiency and a “je ne sais quoi ” feeling of "it just feels right" and with it, an effortless joy. The space plan is then completed by adding details such as hardware, architectural elements, furniture and equipment giving consideration to focal points guiding the viewer’s eye throughout the space. This is where the storytelling takes place; and in design, the story is all about emotion!

Furnishings & Finishing Touches

When it comes time to furnish the rooms in your home, JAS Interior Designs can assist you in the specification and sourcing. We lovingly curate furniture, lighting, flooring, soft goods, art, and the respective finishes and materials. Our expertise ensures that all pieces meet your criteria, safety standards and will be aesthetically appropriate for your budget.


Need a customized media cabinet, a backlight built-in cabinet to showcase your family heirloom china? We love the challenge and will provide scaled drawings with finishes and material specifications so your “piece de resistance” can be fabricated flawlessly to be enjoyed in your home. We collaborate and selectively source pieces with local vendors for U.S.-made solutions that are sourced ethically, whenever appropriate. We also help to ensure a successful experience right up to installation.




The scariest part in design is “Will I like the end result? Will the designer really listen to what I need?” We  employ a tried and true systematic process to approach design which concentrates on all the small details of your life. My 5- phase design system is much like creating a Michaelangelo. At first, it’s just a pile of stone but once we begin chiseling, a beautiful design emerges. We take the time to understand the goals of the project to ensure your satisfaction.



Your interior design and your building plans need to work together. Having worked for a large local builder, we understand the needs of your contractor and the importance of teamwork.  Together, your builder and my team will work hard to ensure the floor plans work well with the design chosen to minimize errors and costly redrawn plans. Need a contractor or an architect? I’m always happy to recommend one of my tried and true partners.



We make the process of working with us easy and convenient. We will communicate quickly and clearly in whichever channels you choose, and listen intently to your needs.  Webinars, text, email or in-person, you name it, we’ll deliver.



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