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My design process is the same for all projects - no matter the size, because it involves my clients, puts them at ease, and ensures client satisfaction."   





  1. Interview client to determine needs & goals.

  2. Evaluate job site or review any drawings for new construction.

  3. Inventory existing furniture that might be used in the project.

  4. Obtain scaled floor plans of the project space.

  5. Measure job site to obtain necessary dimensions.

  6. Determine style, color, & aesthetic preferences.

  7. Ascertain potential building, life safety code, & barrier-free regulations as might affect the project.

  8. Develop project schedule & budget.

  9. Coordinate with any appropriate/necessary consultants.

  10. Determine feasibility of meeting client’s requirements & inform client of any restraints that will affect the feasibility of the project.

  11. Prepare final design program.


  1. Develop spatial & communication adjacencies.

  2. Develop preliminary space utilization.

  3. Prepare preliminary furniture plans.

  4. Preliminary selections of interior architectural finishes.

  5. Preliminary furniture, furnishings, and equipment selections.

  6. Review applicable building, life safety, and accessibility codes, ad apply as required.

  7. Make preliminary color selections.

  8. Refine budgets.

  9. Prepare design drawings, such as elevations, as needed. 

  10. Meet with consultants, such as the architect, contractor, and others as required.

Design Development

  1. Complete space plans & layouts​.

  2. Complete furniture, furnishings & equipment plans.

  3. Complete working drawings concerning custom furniture, cabinets, or architectural treatments.

  4. Determine specifications of architectural finishes, furniture, furnishings, &  equipment.

  5. Prepare other drawings, such as lighting plans, elevations, and sections as required.

  6. Prepare presentation boards.

  7. Prepare budget of expected costs.


​Contract Documents

  1. Prepare working drawings & schedules for construction and/or installation of space.

  2. Prepare written specifications to accompany working drawings, schedules, & furniture, furnishings & equipment. 

  3. Prepare furniture & equipment installation drawings.

  4. Obtain approvals & permits from jurisdictional agencies.

  5. Provide or assist client with preparation fo bid documents.

  6. Quality vendors, supplier, and subcontractors.

  7. Assist client in obtaining competitive bids for all phases of the project.

  8. Assist client with owner-contractor contracts.​​


Contract Administration

  1. Assist with securing of bids.

  2. Provide project management supervision of the job site during construction/installation.

  3. Procure furniture & furnishings by submitting purchase orders to suppliers & installers.

  4. Make periodic visits to the job site to ensure work is being down in accordance with the contract documents & specifications.

  5. Supervise installation of furniture furnishings, & equipments.

  6. Maintain project management & schedule records.

  7. Assist in determination of substantial completion, payments to vendors, ad securing releases.

  8. Prepare & administer post occupancy evaluations.

* National Council for Interior Design Qualification


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