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San Jose Whole Home Design

Rose Garden | San Jose

The neutral color palette punctuated with grays and blues exudes a relaxed environment with just enough contrasting tones to create buzz for this active family of five.

The original two-story Rose Garden home built in 1940 was outdated, small and dysfunctional for this young and active family of five. The project included a full remodel of the home from the inside out. We increased the square footage to create space for an additional bedroom, enlarged the kitchen for an open-space floor plan, and added a new custom exterior gate for privacy.

To add drama, we played with scale by utilizing oversized light fixtures, tall custom doors and high ceilings. Textural finishes were selected to peak visual interest while luxurious fabrics were curated for their soft hand. Various elements were then layered and infused consisting of both natural fibers (wool, silk, and hair on hide) and man-made synthetic textiles for performance. High contrast was created between the light oak wood flooring with dark stained doors to create a high-low brow feeling that the clients were looking for. Other design principles executed within this home include the use of subtle patterns taken from textiles and art to harmonize the high-low brow design concept.

For the finishing touches, we added bronze and black nickel hardware on pulls and window trims as well as on the custom gates/stairway. This added another layer of depth to the story-telling. Ornamentation was kept to a minimum but executed successfully by the placement of luxury light fixtures, touches of sparkle from lacquered ceiling and silk threaded embroidered pillows and throws. All these finishes coupled with incredible marble flooring in various bathrooms really brought the project to its full design potential. The space now evokes fun with the rigidity and playfulness of structure. Showcasing relaxed, custom luxury goods with approachable and comfortable furnishings. The neutral color palette punctuated with grays and blues exudes a relaxed environment with just enough buzz for this active young family.

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