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Janine Arietta in teal dress of JAS Inte

Transforming Your Home,

Elevating Your Spirit.

A boutique firm, we offer design services specifically tailored to you, the busy Bay Area professional. Based out of San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, we understand your lifestyle and transform that into harmonious interiors synchronized to the rhythm of your life. As an Interior Designer, I act as a storyteller bridging emotional resonance with functional purpose.


From small bathroom remodels to commercial hospitality design and everything in between, our design firm engages in a variety of interior design projects in both size and style.

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Elevating Homes

& Elevating Spirits

The Bay Area's Top Interior Design Firm

You know that feeling you get when you pull on your favorite cozy sweater?


It’s soft, warm, fits perfectly and instantly makes you feel relaxed. This is what stepping into your home should feel like, and that is my goal as your interior designer. The colors and textures should please your eyes. You should easily find that spot to hang your coat, the area to kick off your shoes, and easily maneuver to the perfect place to hang your keys - all flowing with the natural hum of your life. We’ll help your home function well while elevating your spirit. 

Janine Arietta Interior Designer in colorful blouse leaning on stairs guard rail.jpg

Meet Janine

Principal Designer at JAS Interior Designs. A self-professed chatterbox who loves a good plaid as much as a luxury glam chandelier. Her story takes you across the country starting at her humble east coast childhood. 


..."I worked in tech and banking and although I enjoyed finding ways to better the businesses I worked for, my creative side yearned to come out. I stumbled upon Interior Design later in my career and fell madly in love..."

My 5 Phase Design System is much like creating a Michaelangelo. At first it’s just a pile of stone, but once we begin chiseling, a masterpiece emerges. Here is a sample of what you can expect.

Passionate about plaid? Enjoy antique furniture or are you looking for modern inspirational design? At JAS Interior Designs, we have experience in a whole spectrum of styles.

Offering a variety of interior design and decorating services for residential as well as hospitality applications. See below for a full list.

Custom upholstered chair and pillow in gray and navy blue.jpg

"We thank you Janine and JAS Interior Designs.  Looking forward to our next project with you and your team!

Janine... was meticulous with every feature of our home to create an environment that is truly stunning."

— Elizabeth

Rose Garden | San Jose

Whole Home Design

hallway wooden console table with succulents, candles and hat decor.jpg

"We have worked with Janine on several projects,  both commercial and residential. She is creative and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend her and have referred her to others who also love working with her."

— Diane

Monte Sereno

Universal Design Master Bathroom,

Custom Window Treatments,

Soft Goods

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